You're getting married - Congratulations! No doubt you're looking forward to the big day... but the best is yet to come.

Life-long marriages don't happen by chance. Every relationship is unique, but we can all benefit from investing a little time to understand more about
ourselves and each other.
Why not take some time
out to prepare for the rest
of your lives together?

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"The first session was absolutely amazing. We discovered things about each other that we had not realised in the three years we've been together."

   Ben and Julie

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What Is Marriage Preparation?

Marriage preparation will help you to discover the secrets to a happy marriage. It gives you a chance to look beyond your wedding day to the rest of your lives together. When you prepare for marriage, you'll find out more about:

  • How your differences can be a strength
  • How to recognise and meet each other's emotional needs
  • How intimacy can grow over time
  • How to have a healthy argument
  • How to keep the romance alive for years